Construction Projects

Construction Projects

The Maine Turnpike Authority’s 2012 Capital Program includes $43 million for construction projects, including:

  • Resurfacing and Guardrail Upgrades
  • Bridge Repair and Rehabilitation
  • Interchange and Ramp Improvements
  • Open Road Tolling (New Gloucester)
  • Wetland Mitigation Grading and Planting

Using the links below, the 2012 Capital Plan can be downloaded and viewed along with 2011 Area Project Updates and a list of proposed projects for the greater Portland area through 2030.

All of this information is for planning and informational purposes, and is subject to change. These documents will be updated periodically. A draft capital plan for the coming year will be published on this web site in July of each year for public review, and a public comment period will be announced

Capital Plan
Capital Plan 2012  .2MB PDF
Capital Projects Completed 2011  .4MB PDF

2012 Project: Chandler Mill Road Bridge  
2012 Project: Furbush Road Bridge  
2012 & 2013 Project Update: South of Portland  
2012 & 2013 Project Update: Greater Portland Area 
2012 & 2013 Project Update: Lewiston/Auburn Area
Proposed Projects Thru 2030 - Greater Portland