The Maine Turnpike Authority was created in 1941 by the Maine State Legislature. Charged with constructing and maintaining the highway from Mile 3 in York to Mile 109 in Augusta, the Maine Turnpike Authority was given the responsibility to build and properly maintain the highway, and to collect tolls to fund that mission.

Today, the Maine Turnpike continues to be funded strictly by toll revenue and lease payments from Turnpike Service Plaza facilities. The Maine Turnpike receives no tax dollars. Users of the Turnpike literally pay for the construction and upkeep of the highway.

Toll amounts are set by the Authority based upon projections of costs and traffic volumes. The most recent toll adjustment occurred in early 2009. Generally, under the currently approved toll structure the cash toll price to enter the Turnpike at side interchanges is $1.00, and the cash toll for the entire 106-mile length of the highway is $5.00—a per mile rate of 4.7 cents. The Maine Turnpike’s current per mile rate is among the lowest 25% of all U.S. toll roads. Maine residents can save by using E-ZPass, the Maine Turnpike’s electronic toll payment system.

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