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Maine Turnpike Authority Traffic Management Center



The mission of the Maine Turnpike Traffic Management Center is to provide rapid and convenient access to public safety and traveler information for the patrons of the Maine Turnpike.  We shall strive to send the appropriate response to their calls for service in a timely manner by sending assistance, and provide advanced notification of road conditions via various notification systems.  We shall offer our assistance to all other agencies, when requested and when within our means.

The Maine Turnpike Authority’s Traffic Management Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The Center provides emergency and non-emergency communications for all Maine Turnpike Authority personnel, our contractors, Fire and EMS providers responding to incidents on the Turnpike, and the Maine State Police Troop G in cooperation with the Department of Public Safety Communications Center in Gray.  Our center employs six full time Communications Specialists and one Communications Supervisor. 

Our Center processes several thousand calls annually.  These calls include, but are not limited to: motor vehicle crashes, medical emergencies, vehicle fires, disabled vehicles, motor vehicle violations, and debris in the road.  Our call volume has increased steadily since our agency implemented our computer aided dispatch software in 2010.  Our call statistics are below:

Year Number of Calls for Service
2010 9,747
2011 13, 870
2012 14,191
2013 33, 281
2014  26, 645
2015  29, 613

The Traffic Management Center utilizes a variety of tools to respond to incidents and emergencies that have occurred, to avoid secondary incidents, and to notify the public of the driving conditions on the Maine Turnpike:

Variable Message Boards are activated via our Center and provide motorists with the most up to date information on speed reductions due to weather, motor vehicle crashes or fires, delays due to high volume, or any other incident that will cause some sort of disruption of traffic.

The Maine Turnpike Authority’s 1610 AM radio station is operated via the Traffic Management Center.  Emergency and non-emergency messages are broadcast 24/7 via this channel.  In the event emergency information has been added, light beacons that are located along the Turnpike are also activated.

Additionally, the Traffic Management Center posts alerts to the Maine Turnpike Authority web page and sends emails to all subscribed users via our alert system, posts Turnpike traveler information on Maine DOT’s 511 website (, updates the Maine Turnpike Authority’s road conditions hotline that can be reached at 1-800-675-7453, and works in cooperation with our Media Relations Department to provide the most up to date information via social media outlets.
The Maine Turnpike Authority’s Traffic Management Center can be reached directly at (207)871-7701.

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