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Park and Ride Lots

The Maine Turnpike Authority maintains Park and Ride parking lots at many of its exits. Below is a listing of available lots and maps showing each lot’s location and configuration.


Between November 1 and April 30, parking is limited to 24 consecutive hours


Between May 1 and October 31, parking up to 7 days is allowed

Vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense if these rules are violated

  • Exit 7, York
    Located on Chases Pond Rd near Exit 7. Lot owned and maintained by MaineDOT.
    Capacity: 26
  • Exit 19, Wells
    Located at the Wells Transportation Center, across route 109 from Turnpike.
    Capacity: 100
  • Exit 25, Kennebunk
    Located on Route 35 near the southbound toll plaza.
    Capacity: 52
  • Exit 32, Biddeford
    Located on Route 111. This lot is served by the ZOOM bus.
    Capacity: 155
  • Exit 36, Saco
    Located on Industrial Park Road. This lot is served by the ZOOM bus. Lot owned and maintained by MaineDOT.
    Capacity: 135
  • Exit 42, Scarborough
    Located between Payne Road and the entrance to the Maine Turnpike. Lot maintained by Cabela's.
    Capacity: 66
  • Exit 45, South Portland
    Located by the toll plaza on Turnpike Spur. Lot owned and maintained by MaineDOT.
    Capacity: 111
  • Exit 46, South Portland
    Located near the Southbound Toll Plaza.
    Capacity: 68
  • Exit 47, Westbrook
    Located at the intersection of Larrabee Road and Westbrook Arterial. Lot owned and maintained by City of Westbrook.
    Capacity: 90
  • Exit 53, Falmouth
    West Falmouth Crossing shopping plaza - located behind Circle K along the side entrance to the property that connects with Leighton Road. This lot is owned and maintained by the Town of Falmouth.
    Capacity: 8
  • Exit 63, Gray
    Located on Wildlife Parkway (Route 26A)
    Capacity: 129
  • Exit 75, Auburn
    On Routes 202/100. Lot owned and maintained by MaineDOT.
    Capacity: 137
  • Exit 80, Lewiston
    Located at 1243 Lisbon Street in Lewiston just before the entrance ramp for the Maine Turnpike.
    Capacity: 92
  • Exit 102, West Gardiner
    Located between Routes 126 & 9 and the Turnpike Entrance.
    Capacity: 54

For information on other Park and Ride lots in Maine please visit the eXplore Maine website. 

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